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Thank you for visiting the TRANSITIONS CANADA website! We hope you enjoy browsing, and that you find a lot of useful information. We invite you to send us information for our resource page that you feel would be of benefit to caregivers and help us stay updated on local events and news. We look forward to sharing this knowledge in order to increase inclusion and citizenship in our communities. We hope that everyone will be inspired  to take part in making our community a more inclusive place that recognizes and values everyones contributions.



What are they?

To name a few:

  • social skills
  • relationship skills
  • coping skills
  • self-care
  • self-awareness
  • vocational
  • communication
  • functional skills
  • emotional control
  • empathy


Why are they important?

Life skills help us meet everyday challenges in life, school and work.  Enhancing our life skills improves our chances of success in all we do, including inclusion in our communities.

Transition Services for Individuals That Have a Disability

 We provide supports to assist you in going through the different phases of your life. We help you learn the skills to go from youth to young adult, living more independently, leaving high school to go to further education or to a job or just to improve your quality of life.